VB Database Update
How can I update the virus database?
Are automatic virus database and program version update functions available in the product?
Could I add my own update task and modify the default update tasks?
VirusBuster is not detecting the virus?
Scheduled update tasks (daily/weekly) don't start automatically (error code: 12007). What should I do?
How to update VirusBuster MailShield?
How often should I update my antivirus software?

VB Professional
Why the program doesn't accept the registration data?
What is the difference between activation and registration?
How can I remove the program manually?
Does VirusBuster protect against spywares and adwares?
What to do if the infected computer is not allowing the Virus Buster Setup to run?
If you feel your system is still infected and VirusBuster is not detecting the virus?
The list of malwares supported by VirusBuster
How to handle the non killable virus?
How to use command line scanner in VB?
After Performing System Restore, Shield is not getting active

General Questions
What should I do with an infected PC if I have NTFS file system & I can't delete the infected file?
I have a valid license for an obsolete version of VirusBuster. Could I use these data (user name, registration key) for VirusBuster 2005/2006?
Installer stops and displays the following message e.g: "...msvcp60.dll not found..."
How can i delete viruses from the mail client program (i.eOutlook Express) ?
How to test VB scan engine?
My system is getting slow after installing virusbuster antivirus. Why?
Is VirusBuster 2006 an old program?

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