How can i delete viruses from the mail client program (i.eOutlook Express) ?
The viruses are to be removed manually because only Virusbuster detects viruses for the file having extensions .dbx .
For this do the following: the outlook express the inbox folder
3.Search for the mail/file which is detected as infected file/mail.
4. Delete the file/mail.

The mail can be deleted if it does not contain any useful data, and all the information about the infected file/mail (i.e Date, Subject..) is stored in the virusbuster log file. The infected file is only the virus file which is a file being created by the viruses and i-worms. And so the file/mail can be surely deleted and if user wants the mail then open the attachment of the mail and the shield in virusbuster will take care of the virus and will not harm the system.

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