Why the program doesn't accept the registration data?
The most likely reasons why the program doesn't accept the registration data are:
the proper product is not installed on your computer
the registration data you would like to use has expired
Check, if you have installed the proper application and you have a valid registration key to register the product. The following data are required for registration:
1. user name
2. Registration key (3x5 characters)
Because the registration key is dependent on the product, you should check if you have installed the proper product on your computer by doing one of the following steps: 1. Check the 'VirusBuster' entry in the 'Start' > 'Settings' > 'Control panel' > 'Add/remove programs' list. 2. Click on the VB tray icon with the right mouse button then select the 'Registration' menu. Check the 'Product name' field in the appeared window. If you have bought "Workstation protection license", then VirusBuster Professional product should be installed on your computer. The latest install kit of this product can be downloaded from www.virusbuster.hu/en
If you don't have the proper product installed, you have to uninstall your currently installed application then install the proper one.
If everything seems to be OK but the product still doesn't accept the registration data, please send the following data to the virusbuster@karvid.com e-mail address:
Your Email-id
Activation key
Batch Number

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