Is VirusBuster 2006 an old program?
No. The reason is contained in the following press release: Different product versions will only be identified by the version number, years will be removed from product names. VirusBuster will gradually cease using years in product names, as product packages are not published yearly, but on a more frequent basis, so that users can receive new developments during their licensing period continuously. The sales model follows this principle as well, meaning that customers are not buying specific product versions, but a license which provides the right to use the product enabling them to use the most up-to-date product version at all times during the licensing period. As a result of this we have removed the year from the name of every product, so for example VirusBuster Professional 2006 will be referred to as VirusBuster Professional from this point. Different product versions will only be differentiated by the product version numbers, which - in case of Windows products - can be checked on the user interface's main page or in the popup which is displayed by hovering the mouse pointer over the shield icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. The above is available at

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