How can I remove the program manually?
First use automatic process which is
choose Remove from Start menu/ControlPanel/Add or Remove programs/VirusBuster. And remove the program.

If at all you find it necessary to remove it manually, then you can do this following the procedure outlined below:
Check in the registry if all the relevant registry keys have been removed. This can be done with the regedit program, you can run this from Start menu/Run by typing regedit in the text box. Now, the registry editor will appear where you have to check - on the left hand side - if under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software the VirusBusterTeam key has been deleted. If it's still there, select it and delete it with the Del key.

Important!!! We would like to warn you to be very carefull with using the registry editor as any damage to it can cause serious problems to your system and to the installed applications.

After restarting your computer delete the VirusBuster folder from the Program Files directory.

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